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These are the survival guides that my clients and many others are using daily to navigate the world of nutrition, keeping them in shape whilst being able to eat on the go.

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Things you really have to know about how to ensure you can stick to a diet long enough for it to work.

1.  Simply aiming to work to a boring bland meal plan will work to a point but what happens when you get invited out for a meal or your friend asks if you want to go to Costa?

2.  Studies have shown that dietary adherence is the biggest factor when it comes to losing weight which means if you can’t stick with what you’re doing at some point it will fail.

3. These guides and books will help you to keep on track whilst still being able to do social things in life. They will help you to adhere by giving you the knowledge and confidence that you can eat out at McDonald’s and still keep on track.



It’s meals like the one above which are simple, quick and super easy to make but also go miles to keeping you on track and smashing your goals.


The muscle-building guide will show you a complete breakdown of how to find your start point and the survival guides will fill the gaps

It’s the same guides that have helped hundreds of my clients get in superb shape for holidays, weddings and parties.

The best things about it

  1. Nobody else is giving their clients anything like this let alone offering it out to the public.
  2. It’s so simple to implement even the guides are colour coded so you can easily see what to go for.

In these guides, I will also break down each of the companies foods and drinks they have on offer and group them into easy to use tables. All you need to do is find the Calorie bracket that fits your goals.

I give you:

5 Nutritional survival guides – Each one broken down into sections allowing clear and easy to find data to keep you on track with your fitness goals.

My free Strong Lean 6 cookbook – A recipe book jam-packed with healthy easy to make meals from pancake breakfasts to healthy sweet treats. I have you covered.

Non-tracking template Don’t want to track Calories? Don’t worry I’ve got you too with my simple and super-easy way to keep an eye on your portion sizes. No equipment is necessary.

You’ll learn::

How to work out your own Calorie intake and the importance of things such as protein, especially when looking at building muscle and getting stronger.

How to keep on track when you are out on-the-go and haven’t had time to prep any food.

How to keep focused on the basics and understanding what really does matter when it comes to your own nutrition.

How to become a Calorie whizz and never fear being asked out for a coffee ever again, especially if cake is on the menu.

This is for you if:

  1. You want to finally start to take back control of your nutrition but don’t want to give up the foods you enjoy
  2. You want to get results and still have a social life
  3. You want to build a healthy lean strong and fit body but don’t want to become boring in the process
  4. You’re ready to finally stop the constant diet cycle
  5. You’re in a position get things started right now
  6. You just want a little help for the moments when life throws a curveball at you

This is not for you if:

  1. You’re happy where you are and aren’t willing to learn about your own nutrition for the sake of your longterm health
  2. You aren’t willing to invest a few minutes to begin to understand at least a few of the basic principles

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