When Neil lost over 22 Lbs in 12 weeks

Neil came to me as he wanted to make a real change to his health.

When I initially spoke with him it was clear the gym was a foreign place. He was more accustomed to the local pub.

Now he still enjoys a drink but understands the importance of balance.

At the time he had a baby on the way and said to me

“I don’t want to be that unfit dad”



He now knows what Calories are and appreciates the importance of Protein. Especially when looking at building muscle, which is our next goal.

How has he done this?

Banned foods? Nope

Cut out Alcohol? Nope

Followed some fad drastic weight loss plan? Nope.

Hard work and a clear WANT to change.



We started by implementing basic Nutritional Habits.

Once in place, we then focussed on Calorie ranges & then Calories and Protein.

Now we track according to his lifestyle.

No crazy fads or training regimes.

  • 3/4 Gym session per week.
  • A step count.
  • Full accountability on both parts.

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