The Unseen Licks & Bites

You know exactly what I’m talking about, and no it’s not rude (filthy minds).

I’m talking about all those unknown Calories that you either forget or genuinely don’t think will make a difference.

Not just the oil you use to cook your food in. What about the coconut oil you lather it in because some curly haired lad said its “good fats”. The sneaky handful of blueberries you grab on the way out the door, but that’s ok because of fruit.

Then there’s the magical world of the avocado. Touted as the next superfood. I’m not saying they’re not but they do contain calories……Mainly from Fat.

*No food is super by the way except iced buns.

What about the sneaky bit of ham you eat out the packet whilst cooking dinner. Don’t pretend you haven’t.

The sugar you have in your tea. The milk in your tea.

The coffee you have that’s so far removed from coffee it’s basically a dessert.

Don’t even get me started on nuts. That super handy (600 Calorie!) Snack.

Or how about the leftover food off the kid’s plates because you can’t possibly throw it away.


All of these things contain Calories.

They are NOT free.

Whilst I’m not saying you need to start putting your teacup on the weighing scales, I am saying you need to have an awareness.

How can you expect to manage anything

(Fat loss, weight loss, muscle gain)

If you don’t measure anything

(Food intake, activity levels, training progress)

As an example lets see how much you could miss in a day :

  • Milk in your cereal – 100 Calories
  • Milk in your 4 cups of tea – 96 Calories
  • Large Latte – 160 Calories
  • 2 Bourbons at work – 134 Calories
  • Extra spoonful Of Chilli (to finish it off) – 190 Calories
  • Can of Coke – 140 Calories
  • Kids leftover fish fingers x 2 – 122 Calories

Total – 942 Extra unknown Calories.

Now tell me again why you’re struggling to see the scales budge.

This isn’t uncommon and can easily put us back to a maintenance level, or worse back to a surplus.

Over time this is where weight gain will happen.

These aren’t free foods. They all count towards your overall goals.

Like I said above I’m not saying you need to track all of these things.

But in order to get a grip on your weight, you must have some understanding of what’s going in your mouth.

In the past, I’ve definitely been guilty of this, and to be honest I don’t weigh out absolutely everything.

But when I get to the point fat loss stalls I will revisit and look at everything.

Being honest with yourself is one of the biggest areas for success.

Struggling to see progress?

Revisit your intake and see where some of your unknown licks and bites might be stalling your results.