Strong Lean 6

The Blueprint for Building Strong Humans

You’re seeing this for one of two reasons…


Either you’re interested in Strong Lean 6, but the timing of this cohort wasn’t right for you… 


Or you were interested in this round of coaching but didn’t get your name down in time and the spaces are now full.


Either way, I want to congratulate you on making the decision to join the group coaching programme. 


Just making the decision can be a catalyst to massive change.


And for many people, the experience of group coaching is actually more motivational than one to one coaching because of the energy of the group.


I can’t wait to see your contribution in the next round of coaching.


The right people who are willing to implement and embrace the programme will get life-changing results.




Coach Dan.


To jump on the waitlist simply pop your details below.

Still unsure? Here are just a few of the crazy results that happened using the same principles.


Phil lost over 40lbs whilst enjoying KFC and weekly Sunday roast dinners.

Gem smashed over 15kilos of weight loss whilst getting stronger week on week.

Matt saw 45lbs of fat loss after applying the principles we teach in the program.

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