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A few things to get straight first.

  • If you don’t want to get results and are happy being mediocre then this isn’t for you.

  • If you want someone to spoon feed you with a diet and training plan then this isn’t for you either.

  • And if you don’t want to actually learn about the fundamental basics of how we can build you a physique then this is most definitely not for you.

I don’t just provide fat loss plans.

This is personal online coaching where we coach you to build the body you want. Whilst prioritising health along the way.

Do you want to build a solid beach ready body without giving up your life to the gym and eating nothing but cold fish and asparagus from a small plastic box?

If this is you then you need to keep reading.

You have most likely landed on this page because you are somewhat interested in changing your physique, improving your strength and also striking that fine balance that we all want between beer & barbells.

What normally happens is you’ll read this page, check out my social proof and social media channels and think “yeah I could do that.”

But instead of taking action now, you won’t.

Then, later on, I guarantee you look back and actually do something, take some positive action but then you’ll kick yourself for not doing it sooner.

This is totally normal though.

I know I have that little nagging doubt in the back of my mind whenever I’m about to push myself out of my little comfort zone.

If you read on il hopefully be able to show why the clients I work with have all been action takers and reaped the rewards from it.

Have you been going to the gym but been struggling to see any real progress.

Maybe you’ve never really committed to achieving a set goal.

You’ve tried all the different training & diet plans, taken all the supplements but still, nothing seems to work.

Then you MUST read this.

Ask yourself this :

  • Do I feel confident taking my top off on holiday?

  • Do I feel intimidated in the gym environment?

  • Has my strength improved since I began training?

  • Do I feel skinny-fat, worried as the small belly pouch is getting bigger?

  • Or am I at that point now where I’m actually overweight?

  • Am I worried that all of my friends seem to be in much better state of health?

  • Do I feel that I am just spinning my wheels with training, diet & magic supplements?

If you answer “yes” to any of those above then please keep reading.

I know that right now, having a body that you can be proud of, a body that makes all your clothes fit perfectly and a lean, toned physique that you don’t mind showing off is the overriding goal.

And that is completely normal.

This is exactly where my client Jack was before he came on board.  Trying all training plans and diets to only end up in the same place

As men, we want to feel confident in our bodies. There is absolutely no shame at all in wanting to look and feel good naked.

I assure you in this article you’ll learn the 3 tricks that any man 18 – 38 needs to know to get a lean, muscular, manly physique and be able to maintain this without even having to think about it.

It also tells you how most of the supplements you are using are wasting your money, along with all of the ridiculous workouts you might read in men’s health.


For ages, you were probably able to “wing it”. And this is true you will see results but then they will stop and stop fast.

In my experience being in the industry now nearly 12 years, I see it day in day out in gyms all across the country.

Men who have tried all of the training plans, taken all the supplements and carried out each and every random diet fad that comes around.


Carb cycling

Clean eating


I really do feel your pain and I’ve been there.

You are busting your balls trying to make this work but not seeing anything in return.

Don’t get me wrong some guys can just look at a weight and gain muscle but they are few and far between. Or use some kind of “Mexican supps” but that is another story.

But the majority of guys I coaching between 18 – 38 simply can’t get away with doing it.

It won’t matter how many times you train…

What super duper supplements you take…

How many sets of bicep curls you do…

Or how much chicken and broccoli you eat…

It just won’t work.

The worse part that I see is the cycle you go through.

The impact on not being able to go out and socialise because you are “on a diet”.

The missed special occasions, the meals out, drinks with mates all jus fill you with fear, dread, and guilt.

So what can you do?

Give up. Yep because this isn’t going to happen. If it was you wouldn’t still be reading.

Giving up was where my client Ashley found himself before getting in contact with me. Fast forward to now and he’s added over 30kilos to his squat all whilst losing over 12 kilos of body fat.

I don’t want you to be like all types of other guys who are doing this. Giving up because they just don’t know where to start.

If anything I wish they could all view this page first and take away the three tips that I’m about to share with you. So they and you can get stronger, get lean and build a physique to be proud of.

Are you GUILTY of any of the following…

  • Eating too little in the thought that’s how you’ll get leaner?

  • Having no structure to your training set up – Do the same things each time?

  • Spending a fortune on supplements that you don’t know work?

  • Never know what goal you should be aiming for?

  • Cut out food groups?

  • Rely on a fat burner?

  • Having the all or nothing mentality?

  • If so please do not worry.

These are all super common with guys trying to achieve their dream body, I myself have pretty much done all of these at some point.

But none are the right way to go.

As humans, we always want a short cut to success. This is what supplement companies prey on.

In the big picture, supplements are the last thing you need to worry about.

The men who are in incredible shape really don’t rely on them.

They will work on the three tips that I am about to tell you.

3 GUARANTEED tips to help any man blast through their training plateau and build a toned, slim muscular physique that they can be proud of.

  1. Apply a progressive phased structure to your training and monitor progress. If you are really wondering why you have stopped progressing how do you know if you don’t log anything? Set out a basic training set up and track your loads over the course of a 4 week period.
  2. Run your nutrition in accordance with your training.  These two go hand in hand in helping you to build the muscular body you want. Training ridiculously hard and not fuelling it right is a recipe for disaster. Understand when to push food up and when to pull it back.
  3. Take your recovery seriously. As we get older this will be even more important but managing and monitoring your recovery will have a huge impact on your results. Not only will better sleep have a positive impact on training but also on diet too.

I like to keep things simple.

I focus on the basic fundamentals that need setting up first before we even think about the fancy stuff.

Do they sound as sexy as a “pro-gut-healing formula”?

Probably not but they actually work. Instead of being made up to sound fancy.

All these things can be done right now, for free!

I just implement these as the individual requires with my clients.



Is it really possible to build a strong lean physique without spending every hour of your free time in the gym?

Also is it possible to do this around your already busy work life and not have to chow down on cold chicken from Tupperware or multiple protein shakes?

Matt used to think like this.

The same as I think we all do.

That’s because it works. You will build muscle doing those things but what impact will it have on other areas?

How will it make you feel?

Will spending 5, 6 even 7 hours in the gym each week really give you what you want, or will it end up making you miserable and going completely the other way?

Matt used to be there. Thinking that to build muscle it was what you NEEDED to do.

“Eat all the protein and buy all the supplements.”

Easy right?

That’s what Matt thought but that takes time, commitment and is also really damn expensive.

Plus the majority of the supplements he was using were a total waste of money.
With absolutely no science to back all of this up.
It was based on the same regurgitated info from the glossy men’s mags. Or whatever the biggest guy in the gym was doing.

That’s when he approached me.

He was fed up with spinning his wheels in an attempt to just feel comfortable taking his top off in the summer.

That was also when he had the eureka moment.

What if I told you-you can get these results and better by spending less time in the gym, eat foods you want to and still maintain a social life?

Want beers at the weekend? Done.

Meal out after work? Easy.

Holiday away? Yep, that too.

We sat down and had an in-depth discussion on where he was and where we wanted to get to.

We then put plans in place which enabled him to start progressing again and faster than ever before.

He is now leaner, fitter and stronger.
Added over 12.5kg to his bench press.
Over 10kg to his deadlift & squat.

But what’s better is he knows and understands the reasons why.

How did we do this?

By implementing a training and nutrition system that suits his lifestyle. Based on adding in some simple shifts.
Once we can get these ingrained the progress will come and come fast.

Matt’s time is precious and he works a super busy job that often requires late working so being able to change things last minute is a must.

The added flexibility of an approach to nutrition that can be molded to his lifestyle is something we have also worked on.

Allowing us to tap into that sweet spot of losing body fat and building lean muscle tissue.

What you have here is nearly all you need to know to start making changes.

If you started to use those 3 tips above you’ll see things happen in the next 2-3 weeks.

The thing is there is more.

Not saying you need this but it is a key part of the process.

If you want to get the lean, toned muscular physical faster and easier and also without the risk of making any silly mistakes.

I’ve spent a lot of money (thousands) Into learning how to use nutrition to lose annoying body fat FAST. While still eating the foods you enjoy like pizza and ice cream.

I’ve had numerous coaches and mentors who have all had an input into how I coach and get results with my clients.

As I said above you can do this yourself and get results. Maybe they will happen fast or maybe not or you can keep reading and see if you’re a good fit for what I offer..

Introducing my danmacfitness Coaching Concept. 

The full system I use to get each of my clients fit, strong and lean. 

Now as I mentioned right at the start this isn’t for everyone.

I’ve had lots of people before who haven’t been serious.

They have liked the idea of being shredded, lean and muscular but that was as far as it went.

And that is ok because not everybody has reached the point where their want for change overcomes their desire.

If you are still here then I guess you are already there.

So what’s involved?

  • Fully bespoke and tailored to you. Set up to take into account your specific goals & lifestyle. This is all gathered from our full in-depth consultation.

  • I use a phased approach to training so you can keep progressing and always see where you are in regards to the numbers.

  • We will go over the best approach to implement for your nutrition. From guidance templates to habit tracking and full-on coaching around Calories and macros. We have it covered. The emphasis here is on coaching you to understand the processes.

  • Weekly check-ins with me. We look over your whole week, drill into your training numbers and look over your nutrition. Full video updates as an option along with detailed explanations of why we make changes.

  • The ability to have your form critiqued via video. Making sure you are performing movements correct and also with the desired intensity.

  • Access to the coaching hub where we hold all of your progress data. With a library of useful resources to help your journey –

  • We also have the ability to sync data from your fitness trackers and Myfitnesspal

    to really gather as much information as possible to ensure we get the best results.

  • Full contact and support via the messaging system in the coaching hub.

  • Full-on guarantee to the best results as long as the work is adhered to.

The question I know everyone wants to ask.

How much is it?

All of the prices are the same for each client that comes on board depending on the level of service required.

They are not disclosed here but range from monthly, 6 monthly and even year-long coaching options.

The reason I don’t disclose them is I don’t want you to choose the coaching based on it being more affordable, I want it to be because we are the best match and the service that is provided.

If you are wanting to get involved then first we set up an initial consultation call. It’s on here we can discuss all of the above in lots more detail and also find out if new is a good fit.

This is no obligation but a much better way to find out if my coaching services are right for you.

Still not sure?

Think like this –

How much are you currently spending on things you don’t need?

The monthly stack of useless supplements?

The protein shake at the gym each time you finish training?

Your monthly PT sessions that you really don’t need anymore?

The weekly takeaways or daily morning mochchocafrappacino?

I’m not saying you need to give up these in fact id encourage you to keep living the life you do but do it whilst also obtaining the physique you desire in the process.

But what I would say is currently, all of those things are making you fatter and even more fed up and will be costing you much much more than my coaching services.

So if any of the below sounds like something you can handle :

A diet that isn’t a “diet” allowing you to eat the foods you like and enjoy

Actual tangible results that last and that you can see happening inside and outside of the gym. Coaching you for life.

A fully customised training plan that works for you. Specific to your circumstances.

Using a phased structured approach so you know when to work and when to pull back.

Hands-on coaching for an online world. The ability to contact me whenever you should need.

Then hit the link button and let’s get a call scheduled today.

When you fill in your details and send it across you have just taken that first step to change your physique for good.

You will get toned, ripped and strong.

Feel confident about taking your shirt off on holiday and your friends will be jealous.

Not only that you’ll be better off as you’ll save a ton on the poor coaching and wasted supplements that you’ve been using.

What is even better is you will never have to ban food or cut out alcohol, whilst devoting your life to the gym. In fact, in as little as three forty-five minute sessions per week, we can get superb results.

Here is what will happen as soon as you book that call.

You will start to get stronger and part of that strength will show in the changes in your body. Your waist will get tighter and shoulders wider.

You will have an understanding of how to fuel your body and why.

What is holding you back?

Think about it –

Are you hand on heart happy where you are right now?

Do you like your clothes not fitting properly?

Are you fed up of being on and off the diet/training wagon?

If you are you know what to do.

I operate a cancel anytime policy so you are not tied in any way.

But I guarantee once you start to see the results you won’t want to stop.

What will it be?

Make a change now or go back to spinning your wheels week in week out hoping one day something might change.

It really is up to you…

Hit the big blue button