Nutritional Consultations

My services

A whole new service that Is now being offered from danmacfitness.

Some of the time what people need is a little guidance in the right direction.

Have you been struggling with a specific weight loss or muscle building goal?

Or maybe you’d like to get a better understanding of your nutrition.

This service is suitable for the beginner to intermediate.

During the 60-90 minute consultation, we will delve into what you do now and where you want to get to.

I will follow this up with a detailed report on everything we discuss.

So you can take it away and implement on your own.

Consultations will be carried out via video call so must be happy to do this via Facetime, Skype or Facebook video messenger.

Following payment, you will be sent a link to a questionnaire which will give me the necessary information to create recommendations for a well-rounded nutritional approach to reach your goals.

Please set aside some time to answer it in full. You will be asked to provide current progress pictures (if applicable) to show me where your physique is at currently. Everything is kept fully confidential.

Customised detailed nutrition report will be sent out five business days following the completion of the consultation, with the option of a follow-up call four weeks later.