How long after purchasing my online training can I expect to start?

I will endeavour to get all plans complete within 5 days of receiving payment. As long as I have all the requirements stated on the training page.

If there are going to be any delays for any reason i will inform you straight away.

How do the plans work?

When the initial questionnaire is sent out to you, we will agree on a start date.

This date will give me time to complete the bespoke plans and you a chance to go food/supplement shopping. All plans will be reviewed as we go at the allocated times.

Will I receive a generic plan?

All my plans are bespoke and tailored to the individual, dependant on your goals.

I want to train at home, is this possible?

Unfortunately, all my plans work better in a gym environment. Home-based training is something I am not offering yet.

I am a vegan can I still be coached by you?

I do not write vegan or vegetarian nutritional plans. For this, I would either have to refer you or ask you to look somewhere else.

Will I have to spend large amounts on fancy supplements?

The core of my programs revolves around good sound nutrition. I will, however, recommend some staple supplements that I believe will help.

These, however, are fairly cheap. I will point you in the right direction of where to buy and doses etc.

How often will I need to train?

Ideally, we would be looking or 3-5 sessions over the week. With the addition of some cardio if needed. Cardio can be in a gym or outside.

How are online plans paid for?

All coaching is paid for via the coaching hub when it is agreed you will be joining the team.

Can I come and meet/train with you in person whilst doing online training?

Yes, you can, but due to me being busy with other work this will have to be booked in, in advance.