Corporate Wellness

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Work plan wellness is now becoming a very popular service within lots of companies across the UK and with good reason. However much of the information being given out is often misleading, incorrect and quite frankly pretty boring. Which means you are paying for nothing in return.

I provide a service that will ensure it has an impact on the health, energy levels and also lower rates of absenteeism.

From my experience, I understand that the messages we give need to be clear, concise, relevant and practical which is why my workshops are designed to inspire and motivate and you’ll never find me delivering basic info that lacks honesty and integrity.

I’m also fully aware that time away from work can be costly so the talks provided can all be delivered in as little at 60-90mins or via 1-2-1 shorter consultations.

Why you should use danmacfitness for your workplace wellness program?

In the world, we live in now demand is extremely high and this can take its toll on peoples health within the workplace. Employees are under constant pressure to perform better, quicker and be more creative than ever. I offer bespoke tailor-made programs to meet your specific requirements delivered via my corporate nutrition workshops or by one on one consolations.

The coaching I offer can transform your company by :

  • Improving productivity by re-energising employees
  • Enhance cognitive performance
  • Reduce the number of days lost through sickness
  • Improve workplace morale
  • Can help improve obesity-related diseases like diabetes, IBS, Chrones, stress
  • Overall reducing costs that come along with an unhealthy unhappy workforce.

How can I improve your workforce and help them to become competitors?

Of course, each business is different so there will be different requirements such as hours worked, shifts, access to food etc and that is why each of the workshops will be tailored in that way.

Here are some examples of previous workshops that have had superb results in the past

  • Workplace wellness
  • Fat loss focus
  • King of convenience – Is there such a thing as a fat loss food.
  • Healthy eating on the go
  • Better nutrition to combat stress
  • Nutrition for maximising energy
  • Flexible nutrition for the workplace

What platforms can I offer?

Currently, the content is delivered in two main formats

  • Workshop and lectures for up to 50+ staff.
  • Workshops ideally 10-15.
  • 1-2-1 Full nutritional consultations – For more in-depth help.

To get a full idea of what I have to offer your workplace please get in contact for my workplace wellness brochure.

I would be more than happy to discuss your requirements with you at your convenience and get to work creating a bespoke proposal for you based on your needs and budget.