Because I don't believe In BCAAs



As you know I’m not one for splashing the 10% off discount codes “link in my bio” type stuff.

But I will standby a product or service for two main reasons :

1) If I genuinely use them and have done even before being involved with them as a company.

2) If I believe in that company or product.

In this case, it’s both of the above.

I’ve used Musclefood products since the start and have been getting regular deliveries ever since. For me this isn’t about getting a kickback, it’s about telling people about a service that can and does work.

Whether it’s to lose weight, build muscle or just to simply eat healthier and save money.


Below are links to save you money – Use them, don’t use them, tell people or keep them to yourselves as our little secret.


£5 off (£25 spend)

10 High Protein Prepped Pots – £20.99

Build Your Own Meat Box – Save up to 25%! From £30