Strong Lean 6

You are moments away from securing your place on Strong Lean 6

Limited Spaces Available: Strong Lean 6 Programme Returns.

With one to one coaching spots all taken for the foreseeable future, this is a chance for coaching in a group environment which is guaranteed to be successful.




Yep, 100% ironclad money back guarantee. 


If you follow the clear guidance I give you for the next six weeks, and you don’t get both leaner and stronger? I will personally insist on giving you a full refund. I am just that certain this programme works perfectly… if you do too.


Now that’s out of the way, let me tell you a little more about Strong Lean 6…


Group programmes pack a huge motivational punch. 


Working alongside focused people with a similar goal to you nurtures that supportive environment we’re all missing from fitness classes or a reliable gym buddy. 


Finding committed people on the same mission as you used to be a case of dumb luck before online coaching. Most people go their whole life without finding the perfect fitness community, never really feeling like they belong. 


Now we can choose our community. Cherry-pick the people on the mission with us, and create better, stronger humans who often go on to become good friends!


Since it’s a six week programme, there’s little chance to lose focus and get bored. Every session has a purpose. Training with this level of intent gets better results than training alone or training with no deadline in mind. 


Don’t believe me? 


I can’t wait to show you some evidence.


The last time we ran Strong Lean 6, clients gained an average of 10kgs on each of their compound lifts. 


That’s an average strength increase of 30kgs in just 42 days.


But it also gave them total confidence in their physical performance, and left them setting themselves some ambitious goals…

They trimmed down, losing an average of 8 lbs of body fat, all while eating food they enjoyed and including the occasional treat…


There’s loads of these. I should show you an album full. But I just wanted to give you a glimpse into why the Strong Lean 6 programme will be exactly what you’ve been looking for. 


Unlike other programmes where the focus is on either strength or getting lean, I wanted to show you: You can have both. 


It doesn’t have to feel like a chore either.


Before the programme started, people felt unsure about what they needed to prioritise. 


They felt overwhelmed by all the things they felt they “should” be doing. 


And worse, with intermittent gym closures disrupting their routines, they felt the habits they’d worked so hard to build were being eroded.


But by the time they graduated from Strong Lean 6, they had total clarity. They knew where to put their efforts for the best results. 


Strong Lean 6 gave them a system. 


They were always able to make progress – even after a night shift, even with kids around, even when they didn’t feel like it – because they had the SL6 System.

Throughout their time in the programme, they had total confidence in the decisions they made about training and nutrition, knowing they were only ever one meal away from being back on track.


They didn’t just have access to me, supporting them as their coach… 


They had the entire community. 


If ever there was a question, or a concern, there were dozens of people eager to help. That’s the strength of group coaching. You’re never left to figure things out on your own. 


Over the course of the six weeks, you’re likely to feel some moments of doubt. Perhaps even some anxiety. 


When you’ve tried to get results alone in the past, you’ve been left to deal with these lapses into negativity on your own.


They will often test you. Sometimes, even stop you completely.


If you’ve tried before to make changes on your own, as a new year resolution – or just another Monday – and you’ve found it too hard to continue after a few weeks?


This is what you’ve been missing.


With the group behind you, you have certainty. In your results, in your programme, and most importantly: in your own abilities. 

For the next 7 days I am opening 10 spaces only on Strong Lean 6. 




Why only 10 spaces? Availability is limited on purpose to maintain exceptionally high coaching standards.


Group coaching is a fantastic way to harness the motivation and energy of people who have similar goals to yourself.


But too often group coaching programmes become a dumping ground.


Once their money has been collected, clients get neglected. 




Slung in a Facebook group that doesn’t get maintained. Left to figure things out alone.


If you’ve been around enough internet-based fitness, you’ll have probably seen this before. 


Programmes which start with good intentions, with all the slick marketing, but just don’t deliver what they promise.


Strong Lean 6 is different.


You know me, and you know that I value the integrity of the coaching experience above all else. 


So even if it costs me money to put people on a waiting list this time around? I’ll do it.


The most important thing is always the people who commit to Strong Lean 6 feeling like they are led by an equally committed coach.


Any more than 15 people and the highest standards you expect of being coached by me… well, it starts to get difficult to promise.



So, what do you actually get?


Unlike other programmes which promise unbelievable results in six weeks…


But would have you training two hours a day in a fully fitted gym and with a celebrity chef preparing all your meals… 


Strong Lean 6 is more realistic.


You get a pandemic proof training plan. 


This is customised to your specific, personal goals. 


Whether you’ve got access to a gym or not, the sessions will be designed to fit around your lifestyle, how much time you’re able to commit, and your goals. 


If you’ve struggled to stick to a training plan in the past, it simply wasn’t the right plan for you. 


With Strong Lean 6, you get total guidance over every single rep, set and rest period. 


One of the main problems with most group coaching programmes is generic, templated meal plans. 


You all know how I feel about meal plans… useless. Not worth the paper they’re written on.


Instead, with Strong Lean 6, you’ll get clear nutritional guidelines. 


That means you’ll actually learn how to sustain the results yourself after the programme finishes.


Results which look and feel great – and you can maintain long term.


You get the dedicated support of a coach, so you have guidance at every step.


You’re never left to figure it out alone, and with my one to one coaching fully booked at the moment, this is the only way to get a coaching spot in 2021. 


You will get contact with me every single day of the programme.


Perhaps the best part about the programme, is joining a community of people who are on the same mission as you. 


Positive people who want to elevate their health and fitness.


Surrounding yourself with quality people is one of the most influential factors in the success of anything you’re trying to do.


But you don’t just have to take my word for it…


Let me tell you about Andy. 


Andy was interested in seeing what working with “an online culture” (his words, not mine) would be like. 


He wanted to test the level of accountability because he was working away and knew he needed something flexible for his lifestyle.


But he was also testing out how much attention to detail there could be. He thought if we’re not physically together, how can the coach really be paying attention?


“The results I’ve seen, definitely physically my muscle mass got bigger, I lifted heavier, I worked harder. So for me, that was good… I’m getting compliments, which I think is a good thing for your ego – but I never really done it for that.


I wanted to feel physically fit, feel good in myself. I feel like I’ve got a lot more energy, and it’s good, I’m not bad for a 40 year old who drinks too much!”


That’s what I wanted Strong Lean 6 to be. 


Not something that will do for now, while gyms are uncertain. 


But a real, genuine alternative way to manage your training and nutrition.


And it’s not just beginners who see results either, like you see on some programmes. 


Matt had been training on his own for a while when he started on SL6, but he felt like he didn’t really approach his sessions with any kind of structure.


He also didn’t have the support of a coach to guide him. Despite his experience, he felt like he wasn’t making the progress he could have been.


“The results I’ve seen: some fat loss, some muscle definition…  


But it takes you further than that as well; I feel confident and I seem to know more what I’m doing in the gym. 


I now know what I need to do to keep going and keep strong.”


Matt is going to be able to take what he learned from the Strong Lean 6 programme and keep applying it to his training.


He has a solid base of foundations he can build on and keep making progress. 


But Sarah went one step further. 


When she started out, she had some incredible goals. 


She was focused on using fitness to look after her mental health, her appearance and her confidence. 


But the other results she saw surprised her…


“I have lost over two kilos, and 6cm from my waist. I feel so much better in myself. 


My quality of sleep’s improved, my nutrition knowledge has improved, and also, my mental health. 


I’ve just seen such an improvement in myself in how I feel and my energy levels, just a massive difference. 


Just feeling a little happier. Ready to start again on another programme.”


She left group coaching and rejoined another of my groups immediately because she had such a positive experience.


That’s what we offer on Strong Lean 6. Results.




Still not sure if this is for you?


Well, first, you won’t ever get a hard sell from me. It’s not my style to try to pressure you to close a sale. 


I wouldn’t be comfortable with it. You wouldn’t be comfortable with it. 


Frankly, we both expect more from me.


You will get the best out of the programme if you’re able to commit to 30 minutes every day.


You’ll be expected to join in with the Facebook group, and participate as much as you can with the community aspect. 


People rely on you as much as you rely on them. 


Like anything, you only get out of the experience what you’re willing to put in.


The focus in the programme is on movements you can do without access to a gym 


…Which – if you didn’t already learn that in the last lockdown – can be a humbling experience…


And making better food choices. 


I say better rather than perfect or good because you’re going to learn what works best for you and your body.


We’re going to get clear on the basics, and work on doing these consistently.


Sleep, recovery, nutrition, exercise – nothing fancy. Only things that actually work.


So, Dan, how much are we talking for this programme?


Great question, and if you’ll allow me, I’d like to put it into context for you… 


If you were working with a personal trainer on the gym floor every day for 6 weeks, buying an hour of their time, you’d get some decent results. 


Most trainers would be charging you anywhere between £30 and £100 for that hour – depending on where you’d live.


So if this programme was delivered face to face, you’d be looking at anywhere between £1260 and £4200. 


If you only saw them once a week (which would be much less effective, although not totally useless…) you’d still be paying £180 and £600.


But since Boris has put the kibosh on face to face coaching, online coaching is the only option. 


And because the online service can be so much more thorough, you’d be paying anything from around £200 a month to £500 for one to one.


But you won’t be paying that for Strong Lean 6.


With group coaching online, I’m able to make things a little more accessible.


For the 6 week programme, where you get a fully bespoke training plan – one you don’t need a gym for…


Dedicated nutrition software with a full database of foods you can customise into meal plans the whole family will enjoy… and no, it’s not My Fitness Pal…


Access to a dedicated coach to support you and guide you through the training and nutrition questions you’ll have…


Community support through our Facebook group full of people cheering you on and challenges to keep you accountable…


All this for a single paid in full investment of just £135. 


Less than you’d pay for one to one coaching online. Less than a face to face trainer – even if you only saw them once a week.


And this programme comes with an goldplated Dan Smith Guarantee, remember. And I’m a man of my word.




If you click that button, you get two options. One where you can pay in full, and one split payment option. 


If you’re able to pay in full – try to do it. There’s something special about making a full and frank commitment to your health. It means for the next six weeks, you’re all paid up. You can put all your attention and effort into implementing the programme to the best of your ability. 


If you can’t, the split pay is fine. But if the split pay makes things a little right for you right now – don’t do it. There will be a couple of other chances to do Strong Lean 6 this year, and you can go straight into a waiting list where you get first refusal.


This is about eliminating stress, not creating it.


Once you’ve paid your money, you’ll get an email with all the instructions on what happens next. 


The next launch starts properly on Sunday 31st January and I’ll look forward to seeing you inside the coaching programme!


Coach Dan.