Danmac-Lean Life

When you look in the mirror are you truly happy with what you see?

Or does it make you feel self conscious and like you want to give up?

This is where I come in.

Get ready to banish those thoughts by transforming the way you feel, look and also how you approach health & fitness.

So what is danmac lean Life?

It is a 6 week Nutrition & Training Transformation Challenge.

Designed for Men & Women who lead busy lives but still want to lose weight, feel healthier and look good naked!

Whether you already train but have been struggling to see the results all your hard work deserves, or you don’t go to the gym and just want to understand how Nutrition can get you in shape.

The lean life is for you.

The reason I have developed this is because I’m fed up of all the quick fixes and fads. Not a week goes by without messages from failed dieters lured in by companies false promises.

dan mac-lean life is a structured program based around proven methods, which work and ensure results are sustained long term.

Whats included?

  • Welcome Pack and video which explains in detail my ethos around Nutrition.
  • Full Nutrition Guidance Document – Allowing you to build your own diet with foods you like.
  • Training plans – For Gym or home use. Which all come with instructional videos
  • Facebook Group – This is where the magic happens! Full accountability through out the 6 weeks. Daily posts, videos and mini challenges. All alongside like minded individuals
  • Recipes – Over 30 easy & quick recipes. All guesswork taken out with instructional videos.
  • Weekly check ins – Via our coaching hub which also has tons of other useful resources.

The danmac-Lean Life Challenge is only £97.

Starting on Monday 27th August 

To secure your place & get your log in details complete the form below


Still unsure?

“I lost 11lbs (I wanted to lose 8lbs in total), 1.5in off my waist and 1in off my chest  I’m so impressed with the results after just 6 weeks! I also have a lot more energy, which is much needed with 2 kids.” – Steph

“The scales showed a 13lb loss and 3 inches off my waist! I feel like I’ve got a load more energy and definitely motivated to continue to reach my goal! Thanks Dan it’s been great!” – Fran

“Genuinely felt the less ‘diet-y’ thing I’ve ever done. I’ve lost 28lbs and 16cms off waist and 9cm from Hips. That’s in 6 weeks of smart thinking thank you Dan” – Ian

So what are you waiting for? 

For the cost of less than three coffees a week you can get

  • Full weekly Training Plans Home or Gym
  • Full Nutrition Guidance Document
  • Full Support around the clock
  • Over 30 Free recipes
  • Guaranteed results

Im the first to admit this probably isn’t for everyone.

If its the quick fix kind of thing you want (which always fails)

Then this cant help you.

However if you want results that last then get involved today.

Starts Monday 27th August  

Be quick as I limit the intakes to 10 to keep the level of service as high as possible.