Controlling Hunger

So you’re Dieting which means at some point you will get hungry.

The hunger which is brought about by a number of different hormones interacting in the body. (Gherlin, Leptin & some more with fancy names)


However, it Is also brought on by other factors which don’t relate to the body.

Do you work from home?

Ever find that food ends up on your mind a lot more?

Mainly down to boredom.

Or you’re at work and someone brings in cakes. Are you hungry or is it just the fact that they’re there?

Hunger is from a restriction of Calories, but is this a physiological urge, or driven by psychological factors.

So what can we do to alleviate?

Here are 10 points you can address to Help with Hunger.



Can be easily mistaken for Hunger. When in fact its thirst masquerading.

So next time you find your head saying you need to eat, drink a glass of water and then see how you feel.


Adequate Protein 

Higher Protein intakes will blunt hunger, and keep you fuller for longer.

Pretty much all of the research goes to support this. This alongside keeping blood glucose stable and its muscle sparing qualities.


Control your environment  

Shown time and time again to be a contributing factor in weight gain.

If you don’t have access to it, you can’t consume it. Even where you go to purchase food for lunch etc.


Cutlery Size

Ok so bear with me on this. When consuming foods it’s been shown that portion sizing on plates, for example, can give the illusion of more or less food.

On a similar note when using smaller cutlery, say like a teaspoon to eat some cereal. It takes longer, which then gives the body a chance to send the signals it needs to say when it’s full.


Volume Foods  

We do have satiety sensors within our bodies which tell us when we’re full.

So if we can maximise the Volume of our food, but minimise the Calories within. Then this is going to help.



Linked with the one above. It helps to switch on the stretch receptors in the stomach but also slows the rate of food as it leaves the stomach. Keeping us fuller for longer.


Satiating Foods  

Some foods are known to fill us up quicker. These foods can be super helpful when dieting. The last thing we want to consume is a meal then be hungry 10 minutes later (Mcdonald’s anyone?)

Include foods like Potatoes, greek yoghurt & fruit.



We are a nation mad for coffee, but if used correctly can provide us with appetite suppressing properties. Just be careful to not build up a tolerance to it.


Intermittent Fasting

A very useful tool if your dieting on low Calories, for example, a female or small male. This way we shorten the eating window.

Suddenly a Calorie amount of 1200 in 2 meals is a lot more appealing than 4 meals at 300.


Expect it  

Now, this may sound harsh but let us examine what you’re doing. Its restriction and forcing the body out of its normal setting.

So at some point, we must expect to be hungry. Its how we deal with this that will determine our success.

Hopefully, by giving you some of the above options it makes it a little more manageable.

Dieting isn’t easy and nor should it be. However, you have to put into context. What it is you’re trying to achieve.


What is YOUR priority?

Is it losing weight?

Or is it the Super tasty Cake each day.


It’s not to say that in the future or even at some times whilst dieting, you might still have the cake.

However, get your priorities clear from the start.


If you would like some more help with any of what has been mentioned above then get in contact and lets book in your free consultation now.