Coaching is the epitome of what I do

Why come to me for coaching?

Over the last 7 years, I have built up a thriving online coaching business, working with people all over the world. Helping them to not only achieve their goals but understand the huge impacts of how and why.

I now have another coach working within the business who heads up regular groups we run.

Which frees up my time to work with other coaches I mentor within my role as Head of Coaching & Mentoring within the Online Fitness Business.

Over the years my skillsets have changed and adapted in line with where the business has gone.

Starting as a personal trainer I quickly realised that working in the online space was for me.

I went on to study my nutritional qualifications and since have used these to drive my coaching and ultimately the business forwards.

I'm proud to now work with around 25 other coaches, personal trainers and nutritionists supporting them build their businesses.

Service delivery and getting results go hand in hand in my opinion, and it's what has built the two businesses to where they are today.